Service providers

Service providers

Who are the service providers and what can they do for me?

For the moment, six companies have been accredited as a service provider : Axxès, Eurowag, Telepass, Toll4Europe, TotalEnergies Marketing Services en Satellic. On your request they ship you an OBU. At regular intervals they will send you the bill of the toll kilometers you have driven. You pay the amount due to your service provider. They, in their turn, transfer the whole amount to the region where the kiloimeters have been driven.

In case of problems with your OBU, do contact your service provider, not Viapass.

Where do I go when I have questions about my bill?

When you have questions about the bill of your charged kilometers, please contact your service provider (see Contact page)

How are the data being processed?

The data are being transferred through GSM-technology to a processing center which sends you the bill and handles the payments.

Whom can I contact in case of problems?

You can mail all your policy questions about the kilometer charge to For practical questions about how to obtain and use the equipment please mail to your Service Provider.