Kilometer Charge

Kilometer Charge

Must I have an OBU only on paying toll roads?

No. Your OBU must be switched-on on all the public roads in Belgium. The device only bills the payable toll roads, not the roads having a 0-tariff. The authorities check the correct use of the OBU also outside the important traffic axes.

Whom does the Kilometer Charge apply for?

The Kilometer Charge applies for all trucks of more than 3.5 tons GVW en for N1 vehicles with body code BC.

How are the kilometres driven recorded?

The OBU uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to record what distance the vehicle has travelled on which roads, and calculates the appropriate charge.

What must I do to be compliant?

Once the road charge is introduced, every heavy goods vehicle on Belgian roads must have a working On Board Unit (OBU). OBUs are available via one of the 6 accredited service providers: Axxès, Satellic, TotalEnergies, Telepass, Toll4Europe & W.A.G. Payment Solutions.