On Board Unit

On Board Unit

What is an On Board Unit?

An On Board Unit is a small device that registers the kilometers driven on a payable toll road. The device is being stick to the windshield and is in contact with the navigation satellite. It measures the exact number of driven kilometers; you will not be billed for more.

How do I install my On Board Unit (OBU)?

The unit has suction cups and is attached to the windshield of the truck cabine. It is then plugged into the cigarette lighter. Once the OBU data has loaded its data and is functioning correctly the light is green and the driver can use the Belgian roads.

What do I need to do when the light on my OBU is red?

When you have a red light on your OBU instead of a green one, you may not drive on with your truck on the Belgian public roads. You must call the call center of your service provider’ and follow he instructions they will give you. This is the only way to avoid the risk of getting a fine. (see Contact page for the websites of the providers)

Where can I get an OBU (On Board Unit)?

The OBU can be ordered at

  • the service providers of the Kilometre Charge
  • one of the 120 distribution points located all over Belgium. The map with the exact locations is to be found at www.satellic.be/en-UK/servicepoints 

How can I return an OBU?

When you don’t need an OBU anymore, or you are leaving Belgium for a longer period,  you can return it to your service provider. For the best way how to do this you’d better check your service provider.

When you have got your OBU through a distribution machine when entering Belgium, you can also return it through this machine. In this case your OBU will by definition be a Satellic one. Do check the Satellic website and follow thoroughly the procedure explained there.

What will happen when I don’t have an OBU?

Violators will be fined and have three hours time to stand in line. When they are still violating the kilometer charge regulation, they will be fined again.