Toll liable?

The categories of vehicles that are exempted or fall outside the scope of the Kilometer Charge are strictly limited. There is a clear difference between  an exemption and an out-of-scope case.

Exempted vehicles must mandatory as for such an exemption and get a positive reply. Vehicles that fall outside the scope of the toll charge may optionally apply for a permission when they think they meet  the conditions mentioned in the left column.

Request for exemption

Certain categories of vehicles are exempted from Road Charging.They concern only the following categories:

  • Vehicles used exclusively by the army, civil defense, fire department and police which are recognizable as such.
  • Vehicles especially and exclusively equipped for medical purposes and recognizable as such.
  • Vehicles of the agricultural, horticultural or forestry type using public roads in Belgium in a limited way and used exclusively for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry.

The owners of a vehicle of over 3.5 tons that falls into one of the exemption categories, must submit an application for exemption to the region where their vehicle is registered. To make such a request it is necessary to fill out a form and add a picture with front view and with side view of the vehicle. To do so you should go to the website of your region:

For the Flemish Region:

For the Brussels Region:

For the Walloon Region:

For foreign vehicles:

If your vehicle is registered abroad:

Or send an email (not for vehicles vehicle of agricultural, horticultural or forestry type) with the details of your vehicle (license plate number, GVW, Euro norm) and picture of front and side view to

Vehicles that fall outside the scope of the kilometer charge :

Certain categories of vehicles fall outside the scope of the toll charge.

– Some machine-vehicles to the extent that they do not transport goods, such as:

  • cranes
  • telehandlers / lifts
  • excavators
  • bulldozers
  • concrete pumps without mixer
  • Dumpers

– Other vehicles such as:

  • vehicles with a “green” testdrive plate

As of January 1,  only verhicles with testdrive plates among commercial “green” license plates, will not fall under the scope of the kilometer charge. These license plates are used by design agencies or manufacturers to test a specific vehicle or its components. They cannot transport any cargo, nor private, nor commercial.

For the non-Belgian commercial license plates the same restirctions apply: they are not subject to the kilometer charge in Belgium, when they drive under the same conditions, as indicated in the Royal Decree of 15-12-2019 chapter II section 2. (http: //www.ejustice / eli / arrete / 2019/12/15/2020040940 / monitor)

They can submit a  form found on the ViaPass web page Registration form for test drive plate – Viapass

All other commercial license plates for heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must have a switched-on OBU on Belgian roads

  • Oldtimer vehicles with an O-license plate used only under the terms of article 2, 7 ° of the Royal Decree of March 15, 1968 relating to the technical conditions of vehicles. This means that without an OBU they cannot transport any goods, either commercially or privately. They may not be used commercially or professionally, carry out remunerated transport of persons, nor be used as tools or for commuting.
  • training vehicles insofar they meet the following conditions:
    • they have dual controls in the cabin
    • they carry no goods (except for educational purposes, such as f.i. concrete blocks)
    • they are externally recognizable by the name “drivers school” on the cabin
    • they are registered in the name of a drivers school or a social fund for Transportation and Logistics

Optional notifications of aforementioned vehicles which fall outside the kilometer charge can be send to the tax authorities of the regions where they are registered or to Viapass for foreign truck owners. In addition, you will need to attach the contact details of the applicant, together with a photograph of the side and rear view with the vehicle registration plate and a photograph of the vehicle documents.

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Application for reimbursement of the kilometer charge for humanitarian transport to Ukraine

    Important: All trucks over 3.5 tons must have an active OBU in Belgium. Humanitarian transports for Ukraine have to fill in the form below for possible reimbursement of the transport. This must be done before departure.

    Humanitarian goods are understood to mean goods such as blankets, clothing, tents, food parcels, medicines or medical equipment, .... In order to benefit from a toll refund, the cargo must consist exclusively of humanitarian goods. A mixed load of commercial goods/humanitarian goods does not fall under the application of this arrangement.

    Fill in the fully completed application form below with the supporting documents or send an email with all the requested information in the form below to
    Once approved by Viapass, the kilometer charge will be reimbursed by your service provider.

    Contact person (requester/organizer of transport)

    Vehicle with which the transport will be carried out

    Service provider

    Details of the journey

    Humanitarian organization or person who commissioned the transport


    Is the cargo a combination of humanitarian and commercial goods?


    This form is to be added to your application for reimbursement that has to be sent to your service provider. However, this does not mean that the request is automatically approved.


    This refund scheme comes into force for shipments from 22/06/2022, and will remain in force until further notice.