Humanitarian transport

Humanitarian transport

Application for reimbursement of the kilometer charge for humanitarian transport to Ukraine

    Important: All trucks over 3.5 tons must have an active OBU in Belgium. Humanitarian transports for Ukraine have to fill in the form below for possible reimbursement of the transport. This must be done before departure.

    Humanitarian goods are understood to mean goods such as blankets, clothing, tents, food parcels, medicines or medical equipment, .... In order to benefit from a toll refund, the cargo must consist exclusively of humanitarian goods. A mixed load of commercial goods/humanitarian goods does not fall under the application of this arrangement.

    Fill in the fully completed application form below with the supporting documents or send an email with all the requested information in the form below to
    Once approved by Viapass, the kilometer charge will be reimbursed by your service provider.

    Contact person (requester/organizer of transport)

    Vehicle with which the transport will be carried out

    Service provider

    Details of the journey

    Humanitarian organization or person who commissioned the transport


    Is the cargo a combination of humanitarian and commercial goods?


    This form is to be added to your application for reimbursement that has to be sent to your service provider. However, this does not mean that the request is automatically approved.


    This refund scheme comes into force for shipments from 22/06/2022, and will remain in force until further notice.