Exempted vehicles

Exempted vehicles

The legislator explicitly provides for a number of categories that are exempt from kilometer charges. Only the following vehicles are concerned:

  • Vehicles used exclusively by the army, civil defense, fire department and police which are recognizable as such.
  • Vehicles especially and exclusively equipped for medical purposes and recognizable as such.
  • Vehicles of the agricultural, horticultural or forestry type using public roads in Belgium in a limited way and used exclusively for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry.

All other vehicles are NOT eligible for an exemption.


Belgian vehicles

The owners of a vehicle of over 3.5 tons that falls into one of the exemption categories, must submit an application for exemption to the region where their vehicle is registered. To make such a request it is necessary to fill out a form and add a picture with front view and with side view of the vehicle. To do so you should go to the website of your region:

For the Flemish Region:

For the Brussels Region:

For the Walloon Region:

Foreign vehicles

Send an e-mail with the details of your vehicle (license plate number, GVW, Euro norm) and picture of front and side view to exemptions@viapass.be.