Blocked upgrade OBU’s Satellic: correction measures.

The software upgrade that caused problems with various Satellic OBUs as from April 23 was terminated. Users will not at risk any unjustified fines.

At the end of last week, service provider Satellic made an update on the software of its On Board Units (OBU). However, this caused some OBUs to block. In total, about 867 devices out of 77,000 from the first wave of updates were affected. 4000 devices from the first wave have not yet been switched on by their users.

Viapass has requested the service provider to assume its responsibility. The following concrete measures apply:

– The update process was immediately stopped  when the issue was detected on Friday morning 24/04/2020.

– Viapass and the Regional Authorities ensure that users with an affected Satellic OBU will not receive an unjustified fine if they have been driving their vehicles on public roads.

– Satellic will contact all affected users directly, ensuring that the deposited guarantees are returned very quickly (10 working days). This also applies to prepaid amounts on the OBU.

– Satellic must offer fair compensation to affected users

– The error in the update will be corrected, and the correction will not be rolled out until everything has been retested.


More information and details on the website of the service provider Satellic via this link: