Viapass Kilometer Charge for trucks of +3.5 tons as of April 1st 2016

Since April 1 2016, Kilometer Charge applies for HGV of over 3.5 tons. All these trucks need to be equipped with an On Board Unit that is constantly switched on when they drive on public roads. This OBU will only charge the kilometers driven on paying toll roads. All information needed is to be found on the page "About Viapass", the categories of vehicles included that are exempted from the Kilometer Charge or fall outside its scope. The tariffs and the maps of the paying toll roads are to be found on the "Downloads" page. The use of the On Board Unit will be controlled; fraudulent or non-use will be fined.

17 January 2018 - Eurotoll and Total accepted as additional service providers for Kilometer Charge in Belgium

Just before the end of 2017, Eurotoll and Total have been accepted by the regional governments and by Sofico as service providers in Belgium. Fleet owners now have the choice between four different service providers where they...

16 December 2017 - Kilometre charge road transport: the changes as of 1st January 2018

Brussels, 15 December 2017 ___ As of 1st January 2018, the Kilometre Charge in Belgium will be adapted in four different fields. The regional governments in Belgium have decided to adapt the tariffs per kilometre in the three...