Eurotoll and Total accepted as additional service providers for Kilometer Charge in Belgium

Just before the end of 2017, Eurotoll and Total have been accepted by the regional governments and by Sofico as service providers in Belgium. Fleet owners now have the choice between four different service providers where they can order an On Board Unit to have their driven kilometres on payable toll roads in Belgium registered.

Prior to their accreditation, Eurotoll and Total started their technical tests under supervision of Viapass. The tests verified the a accuracy of the systems that are being used, the communication with the systems of Viapass and the regional control services, and the constant reliability of the data. Both operators concluded the four test rounds with success after which they have been accepted as service providers by the three tolling authorities.

Fleet owners who want to order an OBU can choose among the following providers (in alphabetic order):

OBUs can also be obtained through one of the 128 distribution points who are positioned all over Belgium. A map with their exact locations is to be found on