E-vignettes available for Holland, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark

In order to avoid bottle-necks at the points of sales of AGES on the Belgian territory during the transition to the Kilometer Charge on April 1 2016, all parties concerned have agreed to allow previous purchase of e-vignettes, valid from April 1st 2016. The opportunity for Belgian carriers to purchase a valid e-vignette for the use on the taxable network of participating Member States (NL, LU, SE, DK) will be done both through the online registration (OIP) and through points of sale (POS ) in Belgium.

Herewith the planning of the switch of the country list:

  • Tuesday March 8: switch of the country list for online registration
  • Thursday March 10: switch of the country list at the terminals in a first stage (BE, LU, FR, NL, DE)
  • Sunday March 13: switch of the country list at the terminals ina second stage (GB, FI, SE, DK)