Information on the use of OBUs in Belgium

Information on the use of OBUs in Belgium

In 2016, a kilometer charge for trucks over 3.5 tons was introduced in Belgium. That means that those vehicles must have an activated On Board Unit on board on all Belgian roads. Since the measure was introduced, almost all drivers have been complying with the regulations. Meanwhile, the system and its controls have evolved and can better target some behaviors. We see that a number of things could need clarification.

– ALL trucks over 3.5 tons must use an On Board Unit on ALL roads; not just highways.

– The OBU must be supplied  by one of the service providers accredited in Belgium ONLY, or their business partners.

– We find that more than 80% of infringements are generated by OBUs not being switched on. This means that controls on this are being tightened even more, and communication around this was stepped up even more.

– The OBU must ALWAYS be switched on.


This is the way to avoid fines as the controls are frequent, around the clock and on all roads.

Have a pleasant journey!